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Data Enrichment

Allows enrichment of data via manual means using export/import of data


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Data Cleansing

Allows simple mapping based rules to cleanse legacy values


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Data Integrity

Maintains integrity of information across stores.


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Data Reconciliation

Allows automated reconciliation of data provided target data


A Cloud Based - Packaged Data Migration Tool


The Data is processed within DMOne Toolkit using a Dedicated Oracle’s Database Cloud Service(DBCS) , where your Data is secured and protected according to the Legislations & Regulations.

User, Role & Data Management

DMOne features role based access control to the data allowing fine grain control over view and edit privileges to the data stores

Business User Friendly UI

DMOne organizes data into stores that follow the data journey
Allows business users to review valid/invalid data

Data Enrichment & Cleansing

Allows cleansing to continue with minimal interruptions for loads
Allows rule-based enrichment of data

Target File Generation & Download

Allows quick generation of load files for the target systems

File generation available for valid data to be loaded to target as well as the invalid data in store for manual keying/maintenance as required


A powerful new way to have control and work with data


Master Data Management, Transformation & Data Integrity

Allows deduplication of data from different sources (or even within source) based on rules
Allows manual deduplication based on export/import
All downstream data is handled based on the deduplication (e.g. if 2 suppliers are merged, corresponding invoices are also merged to the one target supplier)

Transformation & Data Integrity

Maintains integrity of information across stores. E.g. Change to customer name is reflected in all stores where customer name is held.
Allows users to review errors in data and the impacted records
Allows users to review downstream impact of an error (e.g. 10 suppliers leading to invoices worth 1M being errored)
Validity of data propagates through stores (e.g. if supplier is not valid, corresponding sites, contacts, invoices etc. are all marked invalid)

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