Business Requirement

Data migration is a critical part of any organisations journey to the cloud.
It needs to be:

  • Quick
  • Efficient
  • Cost Effective

Over 75% of cloud implementations are delayed due to data issues.
These are often detected late in the day and result in increased project costs.
Data migration is generally ad-hoc with very little business ownership and visibility. This leads to lost time, reduced confidence and fatigue in the business users providing the data.


DMOne A Cloud Based – Packaged Data Migration Platform
A platform that has a built in business friendly UI. Supporting all data migration activities:

  • extraction
  • incremental extracts and updates
  • transformation
  • enrichment
  • cleansing
  • target file generation
  • load and error handling
  • reconciliation
  • data management
  • feedback and visibility
  • data insights

Key features

  • Business User Friendly UI
  • Data Versioning & User access
  • Data Enrichment & Cleansing
  • MDM, Transformation & Data Integrity
  • Target File Generation, Loads & Data Reconciliation
  • Data Insights

Business Requirement Impacts

Delivered as a fixed price offering or a user driven platform

  • Reduce timescales
  • Deal with complexities
  • Accurate reporting
  • Business ownership
  • Cleaner data

Key Challenges

  • Multiple Source Legacy systems data.
  • Multiple concurrent projects with inter-dependencies
  • Constantly changing configurations and future state business requirements.
  • Significant amounts of duplicated data within and across the legacy systems.
  • Poor visibility/reporting on the data quality
  • Poor visibility/reporting on progression through various DM Cycles